Monday, February 20, 2006

Have just sent off a huge package of inventory to Shecky's Shop in New York/Soho...some of the edgier stuff with the skulls and daggers and such. This is a design I call "Psycho Ballerina" earrings...I think they are hilarious! One earring has a ballerina charm on top of a dagger charm with a dangling skull and crossbones and a garnet "drop of blood". the other has a revolver charm with dangling skull and crossbones and toe shoes charms and a garnet "drop of blood" as well. These are part of my latest collection largely inspired by the designs and clothing of Ed Hardy...I went into his store on Melrose and practically drooled over all the gorgeously soft tees and cashmere. So fun! These are available at Shecky's Shop @ 489 Broome St. NY, or click To Purchase at right!


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